trying (both again, and for the first time)

I wrote a great introductory blog post.  It was funny, it set up a little bit of who I am, and why I have a blog here/now/again and what I wanted this space to be.  I wrote it in the introductory “try writing a post!” screen in the wordpress signup process, and then suddenly decided to change an earlier setting, clicked <back>, and promptly lost the entire entry.  

So here I am trying (again) to write a blog post and trying (for the first time) to get pregnant. That escalated quickly, I know.  The last blog post ramped up to this raison d’etre with much more finesse.  

I am starting this blog because I read my sister’s, which serves as a spot for her to vent, chronicle, and muse.  She is a gifted writer, and I have loved having the window into her thoughts and day-to-day life, especially now that we live a continent and a border and three time zones apart.   I value her blog, and beyond that, recently it has been a much-needed source of information on her voyage through infertility to motherhood, now that I have embarked on my own.

I’m not a writer, I’m a scientist, and I am finding I need a lab book for my medical information, and this blog will be that place.  It may become something more, as I am more than my body’s inability to ovulate, but for now it will be a lab book for a lab monkey’s experiment with an n of 1. 


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