Laundry list!

So I stop delaying.  I’m terrible at keeping lab notebooks.. which after a decade in science you’d think I’d have realized is a disastrous way to proceed.

TTC timeline and other life events thus far

August 2012 – go off birth control.  Proceed to have a 92 day cycle (9 day LP), an 80 day cycle (9-10 day LP), and a 36 day cycle (12 day LP).  Last natural ovulation was February 27th, 2013.

January 2013 – bloodwork and ultrasound.  Bloodwork shows utterly normal thyroid.  Ultrasound shows normal non-cystic ovaries.  At this point, I think my body is still just sloughing off the effects of ten years on the pill.

March 2013 – Decide to start TTC, no more prevention for us!  Also no more ovulations!  Our timing needs work already.

April 2013 – We get engaged.  We can’t get married, but it’s nice to be sappy and romantic now and again.

August 2013 – After two 100+ day annovulatory cycles, ended with progesterone, I decide it is high time to get more assertive with my body.  New blood work with an OB/GYN. FSH and LH are low, LH:FSH is 3:1, AMH is off the charts (40 where normal is 1-3, 5 is high). This seems like bad news, but OB/GYN is unfazed.  I read up on it and realize this bodes quite badly (read: specter of IVF looms much earlier than I had hoped).

October 2013 – clomid 50 mg, cd 5-9.  Ovulation on cd24, 9 day LP

November 2013 – clomid 100 mg. cd 5-9.  Starting tomorrow, on cd5.  Hoping for (a) earlier ovulation and (b) longer luteal phase.  Nine month-long luteal phase still seems ambitious.

Ambitious isn’t the right word.  Presumptuous?  Rash?  Entitled?  I don’t really believe I can be fertile, so hoping for a pregnancy isn’t instinctive for me.  How much of this is self-preservation and how much is my usual fatalistic/pessimistic personality, I’m not sure.  Also clomid and high AMH tends to mean shredded linings and crap-tastic eggs (based on one medical study, so, grain of salt)… which means I will be FLOORED if this works.

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