letters of intent

Dear body,

 I’m going to try sandwich method on you and see if you respond well to some gentle constructive criticism.  Maybe I shouldn’t preface a sandwich method like that, but hey, we’re in this together, and I thought it best to be honest.

 I’m really impressed with you lately.  You seem to have shifted into a great place when it comes to our battle to eliminate caffeine from our life.  No more headaches, you are letting me get more sleep, and now when I do decide we need something caffeinated, you respond immediately.  I chose caffeine for us this morning, and I’m positive this is going to go well for us today.  Sorry about staying up late watching TV poker, sometimes I get too involved in ridiculous things, I know.

I’d love for you to be as responsive and connected in our battle to ovulate.  I took more medications this month, and you’ve responded by sending a baffling wave of hope-inducing symptoms, but no actual follow-through.  I thought you would take this extra nudge and run with it, become a go-getter.  It certainly seemed like you were on board with this a week ago.  I don’t appreciate the mixed signals; they make me unsure of where I stand, and I think our communication could be improved.  I’ll keep asking you questions with my pee sticks and my sign-spotting, and if you could see fit to send me some accurate information, I’d really appreciate it.

Nice work on that run on Monday, by the way.  You’ve come a long way since our lazy lazy July, and I’m excited for us to be able to run that well without being sore the next day.  Congrats!  Let’s do it again tonight!

I’m not mad, I’m just a bit sad and disappointed, and I really hate not knowing what’s going on.  I did all the reading I could find, so now the ball is in your court.

much love,



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