tea and advice columns

It’s been a good day.  The very best news arrived from home, so my inbox worries are relieved.  Pea is feeling more himself, though his appetite is still off and I think we’re both worried he’ll end up ill again, so we are walking on eggshells a little.  He slept in, we went for a walk to see the sea lions and the water, we took a short nap.  We did talk about our troubles and worries a bit on the walk, which had been my plan. Pea takes forever to respond to questions, so it is best to have longer conversations while walking so I have something to look at while I give him the time to answer.  He’s going to go find a family doctor, and see about solving the one concrete thing that we know is wrong: high blood pressure.  He’s the most calm and relaxed, amiable guy I know, so this makes no sense to me.

I researched ways to control blood pressure after posting about my worried mind this morning, and the things you’re supposed to eat and the things you are supposed to avoid line up with our diet exactly.  We are already eating what we should be eating to control blood pressure.  Which might explain why mine is so low that doctors occasionally take it twice in disbelief, but does not explain why Pea’s is straight-up hypertension.  Aside from adding a daily dose of dark chocolate, I’m not sure there is much we can do diet-wise. (may I have the chocolate too? Even if my blood pressure then drops too far and I keel over?  The sugar will restore me, I am sure!)

Now I am going to curl up with a mug of tea and the Dear Sugar compilation by Cheryl Strayed, an author I have binged on this month (she’s great, but I recommend reading her second book first (Wild before Torch)) and try to unpick most of my anxiety and worry from the past few days.


One thought on “tea and advice columns

  1. Turia

    Tea is so good for that. Glad Pea is feeling better, and glad you were able to have a good talk. Q. is a bottler too and it can take FOREVER to get him to express what is going on.


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