gotta have a majority

I forgot how much I hate this stage.  The “I might be gearing up to ovulate or maybe my body hasn’t even started developing a follicle, who knows!” stage.

My cycles are loooong.  Really long, and IF I ovulate (five times in 16 months), it has always ALWAYS been when I wasn’t paying attention.  Once it was on day 82 when I said aloud “man I feel weird” to Pea. Last month, it was when I was waiting for a progesterone-derived period (and wrote here “started temping because I felt so weird”).

Why, oh why did I think “I feel weird” was a sufficient level of detail to record or announce in these cases?  There is nothing I can do with that moving forward.  Yet another example of my slap-dash approach to all qualitative observation, which has stood me in surprisingly good stead in a career based on observation.

Here are the “symptoms” I generally believe should correlate with me ovulating.  (1) egg-white cervical fluid.  Which happens for days and days and days on end for me.  (2) high, open cervical position (have never yet confirmed this). (3) positive OPK (have never yet seen one, though saw some very-very-very-close ones the first cycle of clomid, and did indeed ovulate about a day or so later). (4) Sore breasts: these seem to be my most consistent bellwether. (5) A temperature spike, though this will come too late to be of use.

I refuse to get excited until I have a majority (3 at LEAST of these 5), or I will drive myself mad.  Right now I have heaps and heaps of egg-white, and a moderately open, moderately high cervix, but nothing else really going on.  So, estrogen a-plenty, but no luteinizing hormone to speak of.  So the wait continues.


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