hold the phone

I have a majority!  Yesterday: crazy slippery egg-white all the live long day, with a high open cervix, and some crampity cramps in the evening/night.  Today: a temperature nudge up above my coverline (though not all the way up to where my post-o temps ‘usually’ are (ha. there is no usual in this game, only maddening changes!)), and sore sore sore boobs.

BUT: my fourth sign!  My ACTUAL test of ACTUAL hormone levels.  The OPKs, which I have been taking faithfully twice a day, at the recommended times, with the recommended withheld-water and pee-holding.  They have remained very very very pale.  Not even hope-inspiring.  Nary a sign of a surge of LH to be had.

So my dilemma: if I wasn’t testing with OPKs, I’d be 95% sure I ovulated late yesterday and that my temperature tomorrow would continue to spike.  Since I AM testing with OPKs, I am confused and concerned and not at all sure what tomorrow will bring.

I shall carry on waiting, I am getting rather good at it.


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