pants on fire

Friday fun: I’m unbelievably sore today after three straight days of activity.  I’m moving like a little old man.  This is not a New Year’s resolution binge of working out, as we didn’t actually over-indulge this holiday, but just how the timing worked out this week.  It’s made me realize I’m really not in as good shape as I was this time last year, and slightly more determined to pull things back together.  I’m having a hard time figuring out a good balance between getting fit and toning up versus making sure my body remains a plush and lovely spot for a potential fetus to decide to parasitize for a span of time.  I’m not a marathoner, and I’m not cutting calories, so I’m hoping this gradual ramp-up of my activity will not make me inhospitable. 


Lab book update: I really must learn from past experiences and hold off on excitement.  Temp back down a bit today, and EWCM continues, pale OPKs continue, boob soreness continues.  So perhaps a gear-up, but not the real deal yet.  We shall see what the weekend brings, cd 20 today.  I may just allow this cycle to extend until I hear from my insurance/the fertility clinic, as they like to do ultrasounds “midcycle” (ha), and I don’t want to take prometrium and then be stuck in a no-mans land of timing.  I also don’t have much interest in taking clomid again (I felt differently yesterday when I thought a cd18 O had occurred).  I’m not sure what that will mean, actually, as if I don’t medicate early in the next cycle, there’s essentially no hope of ovulation, so would that whole month (or two) be a wash?  Not ideal, so I’m hoping my history and chart will prompt a different timeline.


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