in which I reneg on intentions

This post was going to be wonderful!  I was going to be a good and dutiful scientist and chronicle all of my various pre-o symptoms.  I have been stockpiling them!  I have been storing opks in my bathroom cabinet so I can post a progression picture!  I was going to provide THE definitive lab_monkey ovulation symptom progression for posterity.

Except my temperature has failed to cooperate.  It’s been high-ish for two days now, but not high enough.  Thus, I remain in limbo, and refuse to write out a neat and logical description of my symptoms when they may in fact turn out to be ghosts.

A positive OPK,  an emotional breakdown the day before the positive OPK (hello estrogen!), and true actual egg white mucous from which I suddenly understand why it is called egg white.  One could consider frying it for an omelet.  A cervix so high and so open that sex is quite uncomfortable (this seems like a bad scenario, and one I might investigate in a later post about evolution not giving a fig about fun).  Now no egg-related fluids to be found, pale OPKs, and a cervix that, while high, is now firmly closed for business.

Low temperatures.

I will give it another day before succumbing to existential angst.  I will limit myself to localized angst for today.

I was SO excited to learn about the fertility awareness method.  I loved the idea that various measurable signs could predict and define hormonal shifts.  That I have all the data I could dream of and still no concrete conclusions is too reminiscent of grad school for current comfort.


2 thoughts on “in which I reneg on intentions

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      It does, but nothing but temperatures count in the end. A positive OPK just means luteinizing hormone surged, not that a follicle actually released an egg. Sigh. I may just be running cold, or responding slowly. I’ll know more tomorrow!


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