proper progression

Despite some lingering uncertainty over my ovulation date, here, for posterity, is my progression from “vaguely fertile” stage to full-on ovulation.

Fair advance warning: I’m going to talk about things my body secreted, and show you things I peed on.  If that skeezes you out, I completely agree with you skipping this post.  The whole post is TMI.

CD15-20 – cervix was either middle height (for me, this is the length of my index finger comfortably inserted) and semi-soft, or low (2 knuckles) and very soft.  Egg white cervical mucous of the kind I usually see: yellowish or cloudy, dangling the length of the distance between me and the toilet water, slippery, and I have been calling it stretchy because, well, it did stretch all the way down to the water… but I might revise this from now on and just call it slippery and abundant instead.  This was 6 DAYS of high fertility signs (I thought), which was frustrating because I began to believe my body was stalling out again. OPKs were all very pale.

CD21 – Hello estrogen.  I was a mess this day.  A grumpy, sad, emotional hot mess.  I cried in a restaurant because I hadn’t found an eppendorf tube at home to bring with me on our coffee meet-up with friends and hence had missed my usual window for testing my OPKs.  I cried.  In a restaurant.  About peeing on a stick.  I was also POSITIVE I was ovulating RIGHT THEN despite my OPK that morning being not very dark (see pic below).  There was nothing I or Pea could do to rationalize with me.  Cervix was still mid-high but very very open.  As in, a loose ragged edge around a distinct entrance.  I have never felt it that open before.  Eggwhite mucous, but now instead of being yellow or cloudy, it was clear.  Instead of dangling, it gathered, still abundant, and was elaborately stretchy on the TP: whole sections would glom up together in sheets, and it could easily stretch 5 inches.  I also felt like I could wipe and wipe and nothing would get that area dry.  Despite me being a hormonal monster, we did manage to have sex that night.

CD22 – A positive OPK in the morning!  Eggwhite cervical mucous of the “I seriously think this really actually looks exactly like an egg white” variety continued.  Cervix was SUPER high up, I couldn’t even reach it when bearing down, so I don’t know how open it was.  Definitely soft.  With the positive OPK, I could convince Pea this was, in fact, an important “I might be ovulating” day, and not my usual “probably I am not ovulating but maybe I am” kind of day, and so more sex was had.   In the evening, I started feeling bloated and sore through my lower abdomen, and my cervix felt weird (I would sit down, and could feel the jar of that through my interior nether regions).

CD23 – A temp dip by 0.1 degree (to 96.4).  Bloated and SORE, with rolling ripples of cramps until about 4pm when they all subsided, and my cervix stopped hurting.  OPKs are dark, almost positive, both morning and night.  Cervix is mid-range and somewhat open: back to my previous “semi-fertile state”.

CD24 – a temp bump up to 96.8.  My coverline for my chart was sitting at 96.9, putting this below it, but that was because of one temperature at 96.8 from the week prior on a day where I got up at 4 am to pee (which I never do).  I decided to disturb that temp, and ended up with a coverline of 96.7, putting this above.  OPKs are gradually getting lighter, cervix remains mid-range height and mid-range softeness and openess.  We have sex because I’m worried my temp is not actually up yet.

CD25 – temp steady at 96.8 and I begin to worry I did not actually ovulate.  OPKs are still not positive, but not pale.  Cervix is still middling fertile.

CD26 – Temp jumps to 97.7.  So I have definitely ovulated (it has stayed above 97.3 since then).  Cervix is middle height, and very very firm and closed, like a little rosette of a sphincter.

So my thought are as follows: I think I ovulated on CD23, which is more in line with some symptoms, and just took a while to respond to the progesterone to see a clear temperature rise.  I may have only ovulated on CD25, before the giant temp spike.  I may have had two eggs, and the war of progesterone from the first versus estrogen from the not-yet-released second egg cause my temps to stay low and my fertility signs to be middlish for two days.  For any of these scenarios, our timing was ok, best for CD23.

Here is my OPK progression.  I had to change brands in the middle, which is a pain, but I took one of each with the same urine sample to allow me to compare their relative detection levels (controls!  science!  yes, I do pee into eppendorf tubes and then test later when home!  Resourceful use of cheap and disposable lab supplies.  Plus I’m getting oddly good at aiming.  See, whole post. TMI.)



One thought on “proper progression

  1. Turia

    You are hilarious. I love this post. Also impressed that you can monitor your cervix so closely. I never really figured that one out (although I supposed I ended up at the clinic so quickly it was never going to be particularly relevant).


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