The wheels on the bus go round and round

CD 1.  Huh.  I find myself more disappointed than I expected, but also not very disappointed.

Bad things:  I’m not pregnant.  This is not great timing for my next fertile window (I’m out of town cd 16-19… back on the evening of the 19th. With ‘usual’ o on CD 23-24, this is not the worst, just possibly stress-inducing.  Plus my temps will be all over the map with jetlag).

Good things: I only had the barest, tiniest bit of spotting late last night, which is a huge improvement over two days of seriously gross stuff last month.  I am not doubled over in pain like I was last month (thus reassuring me that that nasty episode was most likely from the progesterone+ovulation combo and not as-yet-undiagnosed endometriosis).  I can drink wine with Pea’s uncle and aunt in town this weekend, who are extreme wine snobs and will likely bring something of a caliber I have never yet experienced.  This would have been the absolute worst timing for me for baby-having, as Sept./Oct. promise to be a whirlwind of job applications.

I will have to decide (and soon) what to do next. I have not yet heard from the insurance regarding my wish to transfer to a fertility clinic, which means I can’t get something started with them (nor do I think they would move that fast anyway).  I will likely take another round of clomid, and try to do the preliminary meetings with the clinic during this cycle.  I’m going to call my OB/GYN right now.

I really thought Murphy’s law would love the “last cycle before fertility clinic, worst possible time to conceive” aspects of this, but alas, ironic situations do not rule the day.

lab book update:  Just a note here for posterity: my cervix started to soften on day 8 and lower on day 9, so that by day 10 in the evening it was low and soft and open (and spotting lightly).  So I had a lot of warning that this was probably not a positive cycle.  Also, the sporadic stabby cramps from day 7 onwards were clearly just my body being weird, and should be ignored in future cycles.


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