No one likes forced baths.

Conversations with Pea.

Me: What game were you playing last night?

Pea: Dwarf fortress!  (giant grin)

Me: Oh.  Oh no.  The dwarf fortress knockoff inspired you to go back to the original.

Pea: Yeah, the new game wouldn’t let me build bridges.  So I started a new game of dwarf fortress.  I’m having a problem with a bridge though…


It should be noted here that I don’t sound impressed because Pea starting to play dwarf fortress signals that I am to be game-widowed for the foreseeable future.  It is the single most addictive game he plays.  You design a fortress and your squadron of dwarves builds and engineers and farms and does whatever you tell them to, though they are ornery.  It is also the single least impressive game he plays in terms of graphics.  As an example, here is a conversation with Pea from two years ago when he originally found the game.

Pea: Sweetie, come here!  My fortress is being attacked by a goblin!!

Me (from other room): If it’s a big letter G on the screen, I’m not going to be impressed.

Pea:  …  …  …  well, maybe don’t come look, but it’s pretty intense. I’m mounting a defense.

Me: oh, your dwarves have stopped pouting about you forcing them to bathe and will fight for you?

Pea: No!  They are still pouting.  So I’m going to spring a trap instead.

Me: You’ll need a dwarf to pull the lever.

Pea: One of them has been out hunting and isn’t mad at me yet.

Me: He’s going to have to walk under the waterfall to get inside.  That’s why they are mad.


lab book update: cd3.  I’ve picked up a new prescription for clomid, which I’ll start on Tuesday.  I lied about the whole “I’ve got no cramps, suckas!” aspect of this cycle.  Day 2 kicked me in the… uterus, actually.  Heated oat-bag and tylenol saved the day, but it was ugly.  Is it weird to miss birth-control periods?  I miss them.  I took them entirely for granted.


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