awkward situations

Scene 1:

My boss asked me on Tuesday what I thought of our two rotation students.  My boss never asks this kind of question while still in the process of deciding.  She only ever asks it when she has already decided, and wants to see if the rest of the group agrees (and is not best pleased to be crossed). It was a tricky question to answer, because I’ve never seen them interact with my boss, and these are the first rotation students I’ve dealt with, so the whole scenario is new to me.  I vacillated.  She jumped in with her opinion: she is NOT keeping them.  I am relieved, and I am worried (they have no idea this is going to happen).  

Scene 2:

I am giving a talk in a little over a week at a conference where we all make nice with the branch of the government that pays us to do all the discovering we do.  I’m highlighting a very interesting, very useful system our lab has developed.  I have never worked with it.  Oh, and the audience are all super important people whom must be impressed and then networked with.  Should be fun.

Scene 3:

I agreed to write a book chapter. On a field I have not kept up to date with since gleefully graduating almost two years ago.   For April.  I have not started.

Scene 4:

I learned (again) last night that if one is meeting friends for dinner very late, one should not meet up with one of the friends two hours in advance and drink beer in an attempt to stave off hunger.  Dinner at 10pm.  Drunk.  Today: hung-over.

Scene 5 (envisioned):

Having a mentor session with the rotation student who isn’t planning on actually doing her 3rd rotation in which I convince her (gently) that having the experience of working in several different labs is beneficial as it lets her discover which aspects of science research she is most interested in, and exposes her to more techniques and experimental designs.  Her first rotation did not go well, and with my boss’ current plan, she needs to find a home.  I would like to say “look, this isn’t going to work out here, and you need to make the best choice possible for your upcoming five years.  Find a lab you like, and knock their socks off, or kiddo, you are in trouble.”  I don’t have that authority, and I am frustrated that those who do will not be as clear.


Lab book update: I’m mid-clomid dosing, and the anxiety is present.  Though with two talks in the next ten days, plus a poster, plus the looming book chapter, it’s a little hard to ascribe ALL of the anxiety to the clomid.  I also think clomid messes with my period, as flow stops abruptly once I start taking it, and then I have days and days of ugly spotting.  From forums, this seems to be clomid-related, with women taking it cd 3-7 having an even worse time.  I also finally got in contact with my ob/gyn’s main secretary, who called my insurance company to figure out what happened with my referral to the clinic.  The ob/gyn’s electronic system was down, so they faxed in the referral.  It got input into the insurance system on Monday. Three weeks after the referral was faxed.  This is ridiculous, it’ll be another 7 days before I get an answer…. which may still work for seeing the fertility folk before this cycle is over, and may not.  Grumpy, I am.


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