this wasn’t supposed to be the hard part

I am beside myself.  I just called my ob/gyn AGAIN to ask AGAIN for them to send me Pea’s semen analysis results, as their inability to find them when on the phone with me, and then their subsequent not turning up in the mail for the past three weeks of me asking has made me significantly concerned they don’t know where the results are. Bolstered by the new receptionist now saying she will just get the lab to fax the results over again, and put them in the mail for me today… after failing to find them anywhere in their records.  This is mostly concerning because they were meant to include those results with the referral request to the fertility clinic.  The referral request which I still have no record of on my online system (though there are two systems, and I only have access to one).  The referral request which was “input last Monday in the system” after languishing in the insurance office’s fax in-tray for who knows how long.

I sincerely believe this referral request either (a) does not exist at all, or (b) exists, but is incomplete because of the *#^%# semen analysis debacle.  Aside from becoming overly angry-sad on the phone with the receptionist, I don’t have any recourse here.  I can’t make them sort out the paperwork.  I have called them fourteen times about this in the past four weeks.  I will be through another round of clomid and out the other side before I know anything about what next steps I can take.

I watch the time, and I am panicking.  I have until June to conceive to have a mat leave longer than 6 weeks. I cannot afford to be screwing around with administrative issues.  I don’t have the best perspective today, I know, but that is how it feels.

I am so mad. And so sad.

EDIT: I got conniving and called my insurance provider directly.  They DO have the referral, it is with the nurse, and should be reviewed by end of business day tomorrow. So I can call back Friday.  It means I’ll be able to get in contact with the fertility clinic during my trip, and hopefully/maybe see them once back (since that will be ‘midcycle’ for me).  So I am less sad, but still quite upset.


2 thoughts on “this wasn’t supposed to be the hard part

  1. Turia

    I’m so glad you had an update in your edit. That’s good news. I’m still so frustrated on your behalf. I’ve heard so many horror stories of having to wade through the U.S. health system bureaucracy. It is so hard to have everything slowed down through no fault of your own.


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