I’ve been working on the SCI-ence, all the live long day…

The past few days have been intense!  Exciting, and rewarding, and generally interesting, but also intense.  I flew to Urban Wasteland City to the south of me on Friday in the early morning, to give a talk at the departmental seminar of a rival school (in football, not in science… science would be more fun with rivalries, now that I think about it).   It went well, and there was genuine interest in what I had to say, which is always nice.  What followed was one of the loveliest 24 hours I have had in a long time: lunch and then happy hour drinks with my good friend and her lovely colleague, a chile relleno burrito late at night, a morning of surfing (my first time), an afternoon of wandering and beer sampling in a killer pub.  I miss pubs.  A BBQ dinner that catered perfectly to my vegetarian self (veggie sloppy joe!  unadulterated BBQ bliss!).  It was wonderful.   Pea didn’t come because I had to fly to Seat of Government City for a conference early on Sunday morning, and while I missed him, it is sometimes nice to just be yourself as you and not yourself as a couple for a little span of time.

My second talk was today and also went well, though not as well as I could have hoped.  The mic gave off a feedback whine if I moved a half inch in any plane, and from where it didn’t feedback, I couldn’t see where my laser pointer was.  I persevered, but it was not ideal.  I got some good feedback, and people (including Important Funding People) seem excited about our product, so that is excellent.  My very blunt colleague told me it was great.  He’ll tell his true opinion to my boss, and she’ll tell me in some random gossipy conversation, so I’ll wait to see the verdict, but if it was awful, he’d have told me.  His only constructive criticism was “stop making the microphone make that horrid noise”.. which he was joking about.  I switched to a different session for a later talk in a room that shared a wall with the original session, and there was an ENORMOUS feedback squeal that interrupted our talk from through the wall, so I wasn’t alone, at least.

I’ll never be coordinated enough to be a good surfer, but there is something to be said for sitting on a board, staring out in soft focus to the horizon waiting for a set of waves to appear, with a dolphin arching out of the waves ahead of you and pelicans and oystercatchers on the wing.  Catching a wave is pretty rewarding too.  I’m the polar opposite of a surfer dude, with my type A, military-brat, overly anxiety driven personality, but if I spent a few hours surfing a few times a week… I could be converted.


lab book update: CD 18 today and opks are very pale still.  I feel like I’m gearing up, but my cervix and opks are saying I’ve definitely got a few days.  Which is GOOD, as I don’t get home til Wednesday night (cd 20).  My boobs are very very very sore.  But so are my shoulders and neck, and my lower ribs and pelvic bone are visibly bruised.  Surfing, it turns out, is hard on the front-section of your body.


2 thoughts on “I’ve been working on the SCI-ence, all the live long day…

  1. readyformaybe

    “I flew to Urban Wasteland City…” ” had to fly to Seat of Government City…” This made me laugh because it is SO my life. I am gearing up for several weeks of work travel and similar presentations. Glad yours went so well, despite the mic eff-ups. And surfing sounds amazing! I love the water, but I’m way too chicken to try something so intense. I hope you heal up soon. I am a late ovulator as well–usually around CD 20 or 21. I hope the timing works out this month.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Safe travels when you go! I love traveling and seeing new cities, but conferences/work are not the best way to sightsee. Surfing is amazing! And remarkably non-hardcore (though I might not recommend it for your current condition! 😉 )


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