I much prefer the three-legged option

Oh blogosphere, wish me luck!

When I was little, I was hopelessly uncoordinated.  I am still a massive klutz, but I remember clearly all of the times I ever had to participate in those ridiculous egg-carry races.  You know the kind: you spin around with your head on a baseball bat, and then try to carry an egg on a spoon past a pilon/picnic table/pinata for glory.  I never ever could make it without dropping my egg and having to restart or being outright eliminated because the egg had smashed.

Eggwhite cervical mucous started up last night (true proper egg white).  My opks are darkening up, though not, thank goodness, positive.  I fly tomorrow late afternoon back home, and there is nothing I can do about the impending winter storm causing weather warnings and the predicted flight cancellations in Seat of Government City.  So here I sit, full of delicious Spanish tapas and Spanish wine and worried I’ll drop this egg too, and I won’t have another to put on a spoon and wobble off to try again.

Snow isn’t predicted to start til evening. My flight is at 5.  It could all be fine, or all be disaster.  Luck, I need!


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