diving in

In entirely different news, in attempting to figure out how to add an “about” page to this blog, I discovered a saved draft!  It is my original attempt at a first blog entry, and was hiding out in my dashboard.  I was pleased with it, so I am sharing it here.  Just think, in the time between, I’ve managed to ovulate four times.  That is a little bit hopeful, even today.

Here’s the post:


In graduate school, I joined an online dating service.  It was uncharacteristic of me, but I had, somewhat unromantically, decided it was high time to take this partnering-up business seriously.  Putting “find boyfriend” on a to-do list is actually quite characteristic of me.

This is an awkward way to introduce myself.

When signing up for the dating site, I chose an email address with the words “diving in” embedded in it, because I felt like I was plunging into a new experience.  It was ultimately a somewhat stressful, not at all productive, generally annoying experience, but it was novel.

I’m diving in again with a new to-do on the list: have a baby.  (I did, eventually, find a perfect person to partner up with, who I still cannot quite believe was wandering around single when I found him).

Seems straightforward: have partner, have plan to have baby, conceive baby, and off you go.  However, to do lists are a terrible way to run your life.  I’m aware.  I’m also aware that I don’t ovulate.  Haven’t in seven months, to be precise, so step three in this plan is not looking good.

I’ll post later with what I know, and where I’m coming from, and who I am, and all that good stuff.  This first post was just to dive in.

I’m hoping this blog can also be about things I think are funny and things that I see that are excellent and worth discussing, not just my journey to figure out where my body is going wrong.  I need a spot to put my thoughts though, since they are taking up too much space in my head these days.

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