tomorrow is only a day away!

Random musing: Excess thirst and frequent urination as separate pregnancy symptoms seems illogical.  One leads to the next, and that’s causation not correlative evidence.

Tomorrow is my first appointment with the fertility clinic.  A half-hour consult and a pelvic ultrasound (hooray).  It will be interesting to see what my ovaries have done in the last year, as last January they were resolutely non-cystic, and I am betting that is no longer the case.  I think my three 90+ day cycles probably involved some semi-achieving follicles who are now hanging out as pearl jewelry on my egg receptacles.  I am interested to see what course of treatment they think is worth pursuing.  Decisions will need to be made fast, as I will be 8dpo and have 2 days left before a new cycle begins.  Always a chance my luteal phase will lengthen, and that would make me happy.  Always a chance I might be knocked up already, though I somewhat doubt it.

Further in the saga with my ob/gyn’s office: their computer is still down, and so they were unable to send my records over to the clinic.  They didn’t contact me to tell me this, after assuring me they would send them ‘that day’ (last week).  Instead, I got a call yesterday from the clinic wondering why I had not sent my records yet.  After a series of this-would-be-funny-if-it-wasn’t-happening-to-me phone calls to my ob/gyn, the situation appears to be largely solved.  

Best moment from those conversations:

Receptionist: “The system is down, so I can’t print anything or fax anything.  I can’t print, except I printed them and they come out teeny tiny.  You’d never be able to read it on a fax.”

Me: “Ok, do you have paper copies of my records, like the lab results?”

R: “Yes.  I can fax those to you: do you have a fax machine?”

Me: “No.  No, I do not have a fax machine.  If you have the paper copies, can you fax those to the clinic instead of the online copies that you need to print out?”

R: “Oh, you know, I can.  I will do that right now and call you back.”

Me: “Great, thank you!” – in tone of warmth and joy, as this was the fourth phone call, the first time it looked like something useful might happen, and I was genuinely delighted.  Only later did the sheer ridiculousness of the whole mess hit me. My ob/gyn has great yelp reviews, and apparently is very good at catching babies.  I will not be using him if/when I need a baby caught, as I am deeply skeptical of the general competence of the whole practice.


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