next step: mimic vampire victim

cd1, hello!  Clomid, officially, was a bust.  It did get me to ovulate, and that is nice and fairly reassuring.  So, on to the clinic we go, and on to letrozole (femara) I go.   Good news for today is that my boobs are no longer ungodly painful and I am no longer bloated out like I’m 4 months along like I was yesterday.  Labmonkey PMS symptoms = I’m not moody, but my body is a right mess.

I just got off the phone with the appointment organizer for the fertility clinic.  May I say right now, from the outset, this clinic is amazingly organized, clear, and friendly.  I don’t like that I have to know them, but I do like them.  

Next (immediate) steps: Pea and I have to get our blood work done.  My TSH and total blood counts are over a year old, so those just got added to my infectious disease panel.  I’m planning on going to the lab on Wednesday morning, after fasting, to do ALL the blood work at once.  This may mean a lot of vials drawn post-fasting, and then a 2 hour wait for the rest of the glucose response test… so this may not be the best idea I’ve ever had, but I’m sticking with it.  Pea, serendipitously, was planning on working from home on Wednesday because he has an appointment in the same building as the blood lab.  We won’t go together for the timing of it all, but we’ll get it all done in one fell swoop, which makes me happy.

After that, 7-10 business days elapse, the clinic gets the blood work results, and then I can go for my baseline ultrasound.  No one seems particularly worried about starting letrozole semi-randomly in the middle of a cycle.  I like that this delay means I will be cycle day 12 or so before an ultrasound, as there is a chance I will recruit my own follicle from residual clomid, and this gives my ovaries a chance to try first.

Tomorrow is the phone call with the financial person from the clinic, which I’m significantly more interested in/worried about.  How can 250 mg of ovidrel (teeny trigger shot for non-IVF triggers) cost $300?  Is that normal? (apparently the mail-order pharmacy is cheaper than the generic pharmacy stores, but I don’t know how much cheaper.)  I am offended by the cost of medications in general, so I don’t think this process is going to sit nicely with me.

I’m pretty sad this cycle didn’t work, mostly because it would have been great to avoid the hassle of the clinic.  Plus then I could be that anecdotal “she got pregnant the month she was going to go to the fertility clinic!” annoying person.  One of my good friends actually IS that person, so I know it does sometimes happen.  Ah well.


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