Pleasantly surprised

I just got off the phone with the financial adviser for the clinic.  Another cheerful, competent consultant able to clearly communicate the conditions and cautions associated with my care!  (sorry sorry, could not help myself).

I am a bit blown away by the upshot of the conversation.  It turns out the insurance terms “being in network” and “50% copay” actually STACK such that I am paying the contracted fees for an in-network service (heavily reduced compared to if you walked in off the street) and on top of that, I am only paying the 50% co-pay.  This leads to this delightful breakdown of my proposed upcoming fertility treatments:

Drug costs: Letrozole = $10, Ovidrel = $60, prometrium = $30(?- estimate from previous prescriptions) Total = $100
Ultrasounds (est. 2-3 per cycle): $56.62  Total: $113-160
IUI: $98.80
So each cycle should be well less than $500, possibly as low as $300.  I am surprised and pleased!  I was expecting closer to $1000.  I once again would like to acknowledge that I am very very fortunate to have both good insurance coverage and sufficiently deep pockets to make this whole plan feasible.
Now, if only I believed this would work.  Alas, I do not, but that is a post for another day, and really just a product of pessimism.

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