better than lemonade

There was a brilliant, weird little cartoon called Clone High that came out about a decade ago.  It only ran for 13 episodes, and it is hilarious.  Dark and goofy and utterly utterly nerdy.  The premise was that famous historical figures had been cloned, and they were all now teenagers attending high school together.  In it, Ghandi and Abe Lincoln are besties.  Cleopatra and Joan of Arc are the Veronica and Betty to Honest Abe’s Archie.  It was quoted endlessly by my group in undergrad, as we were all in genetics and loved the little call-backs (Marie Curie being obviously mutated from her radioactivity-damaged DNA).  I still have better than 50% of the series in my permanent recall.

Principal Scudworth, the hapless evil head of the school, has delusions of grandeur and a way with words.

“If life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and you make super lemons!!”

I’m making super lemons.  I got the MMR immunization yesterday, along with the flu shot for good measure.  I’ve booked a dental appointment to get my teeth cleaned.  I went for a run today.  I’ve upped my vitamin D (my blood work came back low-ish, despite my prenatal supplement).  I worked both mornings this weekend on the book chapter, and am finally making real progress.  Super lemons are working out so far.

Also, just as a note, getting an MMR vaccine in a major metropolitan area on a weekend is a debacle.  I won’t name names, but I had to go to/get into contact with no fewer than 5 pharmacies (I’ll call them Walyellows to preserve anonymity).  It took Pea and I three hours in total.  We were going to go to the science museum in the park, but instead spent a bunch of time aimlessly wandering the downtown core waiting for the RN at the one location with vaccine in stock to get back from lunch.  Then I demanded that we go see the LEGO movie because I was annoyed and it had started raining. The movie is delightful and perfect in nearly every way.  I was warned the vaccines would collectively make me feel like hell, but I’m fine, my arms aren’t sore, and I’m not experiencing any side-effects at all (further possible proof of my actual immune status?  Who knows, I’ll take it).

lab book: cd 7, and entering into the no-mans land of waiting to ovulate.  I may (residual clomid) or may not (my usual unmedicated state).  Either way, if it’s before March 28th, it’s a no-go, so this whole month is going to be pretty relaxed.


2 thoughts on “better than lemonade

  1. Turia

    FWIW, my endocrinologist has me on 2000 IU of Vitamin D a day. He is obsessed with it and feels it has a strong impact on thyroid health and fertility. I think there was a study that just came out of Mt. Sinai in Toronto that showed much higher success rates with IVF with women who were taking a lot more vitamin D. (Mel had it in the most recent Lost and Found I think). Definitely won’t hurt to raise it.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      It’s definitely linked to PCOS: often a vitD deficiency co-occurs. I already take 800 IU/day in my prenatal, and every second day or so was taking a further 1000 IU because I was worried about it. Now I’m taking the full 1800IU daily, and will see. They want the level to be above 30 (nameless units), and I was at 30.1 even with 6+ months of the supplementation, so I think upping it is good.
      Also, my thyroid was up from 1.5 to 2.07. They want it below 2.7, but I’m a bit worried about it jumping that much: should I be?


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