a zig and a zag

I thought it might be funny to do book chapter updates along with lab book updates for the next month.  Except what that really is is sad rather than funny, and a disturbing commentary on how worried I am about this book chapter.  If I was going to be this worried about it, and annoyed at it subsuming my weekends, I should have either (a) never agreed to it in the first place or (b) started it when I agreed (late December) and not when I actually started it (last weekend, if I’m being honest).  The month I spent thinking about the book chapter does not, in the end, count for much.  Possibly even (c) recruit someone keen to coauthor the book chapter would have helped, but I’m not sure if that wouldn’t have ended up being more work than just doing it myself.  Type A, you say?  Why, yes!

Interesting things that have occurred this week are… a bit few and far between.  Pea is at the doctor as I type, for a routine physical.  I’m in-between being proud of him for finding a doctor and setting an appointment and exasperated that it took more than two months from the infamous anxiety attack on new years day.  I had started less-than-gently nudging, and he actually made the appointment while I was waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) to get vaccinated last weekend.  I think it was a bit of a tit-for-tat moment for him, after witnessing me struggle with the health care system and procure/endure a treatment.  My prediction: coming soon to a house near us: new dietary or drug regimes to handle high blood pressure.  Also a grumpy Pea.

 I moved my trip to visit my parental units up into March!  It was a brilliant moment of schedule shuffling, as it lets me use this year’s remaining vacation days (resets in April), AND clears my travel decks for April, making returning to the clinic easier.  It would be a giant relief if it didn’t encroach on time to work on the book chapter.  See above for regrets related.

book chapter update: week one of four down. Status: 2,000 words + 1 figure with legend.  I’m referencing as I go (Mendeley is an amazing reference tool).  Chapter is meant to be 26 pages, ~8,000 words with references.  I am on track.

lab book update: cd 12 and no sign of a gear-up to anything, though it is still very early for me.  My temperature has made a roller-coaster pattern on my chart which would not be for a faint of heart rider, which indicates to me that I’m likely just in stasis for the month. 


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