seriously annoyed

I feel I spend a lot of time on this blog being annoyed.  I think hope I am less annoyed in general in real life.  Not today though.  Today I am a raging pile of annoyed.

I got an email last night from the editors of the book I’m contributing to. You may remember mention of the %$#^# book chapter.  

There have been two very large developments in the specific field the book is covering, both presented at a meeting last week.  The editors have decided to include these developments, and have extended the book chapter deadline.  To November 1st.  They gave me exactly one working day of notice in front of the original deadline of April 1st, as today is a holiday in the States.

You have got to be kidding me.

My chapter is done.  It will require serious updating, both in light of these new studies (minor changes for me) and for the seven months lapsing between my “current state of the field” discussion and the new deadline (likely to entail redoing much of the work).

I got up early four weekends in a row, and worked a few real-work days on top of that to get this done on time.

Worse, and what really is sticking with me, is that I agreed to write this chapter under the assumption that the April-June review window would mean that even with the inevitable delays for books and reviews, the chapter would be accepted or in press in time for my job search in the fall.  Now it will not even be submitted, and thus not something I can include on my CV.  My advantage in this situation has been erased, while they increase the impact of the book as a whole.

I have sent them a politely worded email registering my displeasure.  It took a lot of time to write.  Sleeping on it didn’t help, as I am angrier today than I was last night.  I have asked if they will consider an early submission and review for my work, so that I may still have the coveted acceptance in time for sending CVs to prospective employers. This seems reasonable to me, so we shall see what they think.

Lessons learned as a young scientist. The time, energy, and work for a book chapter are not worth it.  I knew this, but it was a perfect opportunity and perfect timing for me, to write something independent of a P.I.* right when trying to establish myself.


Lab book update: no sign of ovulation.  “Random” ultrasound booked for Monday morning.  Femara, here we come.

* – principal investigator, i.e., my boss or Ph.D. supervisor


One thought on “seriously annoyed

  1. Turia

    UGH. I really feel your pain.

    Q. keeps swearing never to write another book chapter again. His are not the same- more handbooks and not cutting edge (is anything in our field cutting edge?), but still. Not worth the energy, the hysteria, and the YEARS it takes for them to appear.


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