I’m a culinary genius

By which I mean: I am not a culinary genius.

My lab has started having the person who gives lab meeting the following week bring in snack for the current week’s meeting.  I’m it, for Tuesday.  I baked two loaves of zucchini bread, with the plan of giving our houseguest some slices for his red-eye flight tonight, and Pea and I having some for us, and there still being heaps of loaf for lab meeting, complemented with some grapes.  I love grapes.

I baked the loaves this morning, tested with toothpicks, and left them cooling in their pans while we wandered around the city eating delicious things.  Rough life I have, I know.

I came home this evening to find two collapsed loaves, which, when turned out of their pans, revealed themselves to be mostly raw.  I promptly channeled my inner chef genius, chopped them into small squares (or misshapen blobs for the middle bits), and threw them back in the oven on a cookie sheet.  Twice baked zucchini bites!  I could see my back-up career of baker surging to the forefront!

It turns out, as you may well have guessed, dear reader, that twice-baked zucchini bites are weird.  Edible, and almost tasty, but definitely weird in texture.  Like toasted zucchini loaf.  Which is exactly what they are, so I don’t know why I am so surprised.  I’m taking them to lab tomorrow, because grad students will seriously eat anything.  I need something new (and successful) for Tuesday though.

lab book update: I swear to you, I SWEAR.  I think I am ovulating.  I thought this last week though, but today I’ve got the cramps to corroborate (though no OPKs as I only got back last night and I didn’t bring any with me for my trip).  Of course I am ovulating, since I have my random ultrasound tomorrow, allowing me to pay some more money for no real purpose.  It is day 30 of my 28-day rubella waiting period, which would be alarmingly considerate of my body indeed.

Watch though, if I run true to form, today’s discomfort will be followed by an ultrasound showing no follicular development whatsoever, meaning today I am once again adrift on the Sea of False-Certainty.


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