*picks mic back up off floor* “Testing? 1-2-3”

Things are looking up!  I must gain some fortitude when facing stresses related to the fertility clinic, as things are invariably not as bad as they seem, and I can’t buy desserts every time I’m angry about this.  I’ve decided to take stressful situations that call for cookies and channel them instead into finding fun flat light things to mail to my nephew, who is almost 3 and very excited about mail with his name on it.  This decision resulted in my scouring the neighbourhood on my walk home for stickers, only to fail on that as well. I did find some, but the store had already closed (and now has my nose print on their window as I craned to see if they had ‘anything good’).  I shall return!

I spoke with the proper insurance coordinator today and I do have prior approval for the upcoming three IUIs and all associated medications. The approval spans til June 30th, so if we don’t get three cycles in in that time, we will have to re-request approval, but that should be fine, and if I know the deadline, I can keep an eye on it.

In addition, the appointment with the genetic counsellor was submitted, and it was also approved!  The clinic will bill my insurance for it, and then refund me the amount minus my co-pay (if there is one? this might actually be covered at higher than 50%).  Should take a few weeks, but recouping costs feels good.

The bit I had missed was that I have to use the online pharmacy with my insurance for any injectables: Walgreens isn’t covered, which is why I ran into a snafu with filling that prescription.  I thought it was just the cheaper option for those without insurance, I’d missed that it was required for me.  So I shall call my pharmacy and tell them to fill my other two prescriptions and leave the ovidrel be, and I shall set up an account with the online pharmacy, and we should be good to go!


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