of Facebook etiquette

My Facebook feed is a sea of pregnancy announcements and field sampling trip videos of snorkeling in the Galapagos, both of which make me pretty green feeling.  My university roommate is pregnant for the second time, which I’m super excited about, as she wanted a whole passel of kids.  It was a little jarring though, to see her six-month belly when I didn’t actually know she was expecting.  Once the crew of friends who all went off to grad school together start procreating, I will have a harder time with this.

A high school friend is also pregnant, with her first.  She’s an over-share type on Facebook even when not navigating large life moments, so I wasn’t surprised by the way-too-early announcement, or the near-daily updates.  I AM surprised this morning though: she just posted the link to the Amazon gift registry for their baby.  Not for the shower, within an event page, just broad-banded out to everyone she knows or at least, “met that one time at that thing with those people we both know from yoga”.  We haven’t spoken since high school, as an example.  Wow.  I think she is just out of the first trimester, too, which makes me wonder how she already knows what she needs?  I’m organized, but I don’t think I’d be that organized that early.  I’m being judgey about this.  It’s my blog, I’m allowed.  I think posting that link was crass.

lab book update: cd1, which means 9 days of 10 mg provera did the trick. (I cheated on a day, I was supposed to take it for 10 days. I’d taken 5 mg for 7 days before and it had worked.  If this had failed, I’d have cursed myself bloody murder, but now that cd1 has faithfully appeared and with it some delightful cramps and bloating, I’m cursing myself all to hell for that instead).  Ultrasound tomorrow.  Letrozole Monday-Friday.  Cautious optimism for impending ovulation: check.


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