This post is brought to you by my work server dying/freezing/hanging (we’re not sure what has happened).  Everything I need to do today, I need that server for.  So, I have eaten my sandwich, and now will capture that rare bird, the non-procrastinatory blog post!

Though, unfortunately, this is coming in advance of some useful information.  So you can wait in suspense with me! What fun!

I went back for another ultrasound yesterday.  The cyst was 19 mm by 16 mm on Sunday, and was 19 by 19 mm yesterday (median of 18 mm?  I don’t understand cyst measurements).  Anyway, bigger.  It was a touch bigger.  I saw a different doctor, and he felt this was probably a functional cyst.  He wasn’t sure though, and he didn’t want me starting letrozole if it IS going to ovulate, and didn’t want me hanging around waiting on it if it was nonfunctional.  He sent me for an estradiol level to see: if it is high (>100), it is a functional cyst, and I have an impending ovulation event.  If it is low, then it’s not an active cyst, and I can start the letrozole.  I’ll get the call with the results later today (I called this am, and they didn’t have them in yet).

I no longer even know what I am hoping for.  Pea and I will try for this egg if it is one, but ovulation on cd 6 or 7 is probably not going to be viable for my lining (the egg is not under-mature, as would be the case for an early ovulation after a normal menses.  This puppy has had plenty of time to mature, and is a full-size follicle).

I used an OPK on Sunday (very very negative) and yesterday (slightly less negative).  I will keep testing to see what is going on.  Do I hope for a cd 8 or 10 ovulation, which would be within the range of plausible for implantation?  Do I hope it is a cyst so I can start a proper cycle somewhat on time?  Do I hope for ovulation RIGHT NOW so that my short LP is over with earlier and I have a hope of squeezing the first letrozole cycle in before a 17 day trip in May that is looming?  I don’t know, no option is ideal, and no matter what happens, I’m sure there’s a new trick my body can play to keep things interesting.

At this point, I honestly find this somewhat hilarious.  My reproductive system is a comedy of errors.  It’s forced me to consider June or July as an actual start point, which relaxes the next two months.  If something useful happens within that time, hurrah! If not, ah well, my body is a wonderland.

ETA: It’s a cyst, estradiol came back at 36.  So I’ll start letrozole tonight.  I think this is good?  As good as having a cyst can be?

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