I guess that’s good?

Just spoke with my doctor.  My free testosterone is not 31.  We did not test my free testosterone.  We did test my total testosterone, and that is what is listed in my ‘free testosterone’ lab result.  My doctor saw the number and thought “what? That’s crazy high, and I don’t usually order that test because it’s not very accurate”, so she checked my actual lab results, and discovered it had just been input into the system incorrectly.  So my DHEA and my total testosterone are not elevated.

Irritating.  Good news, because it means that while my free testosterone is likely slightly elevated (hobbit feet!), it’s probably not by an order of magnitude.

I asked her about the various forms of inositol, as a supplement to lower androgens.  She said what I expected her to say: no proper clinical evidence, not approved as a treatment, and better to not take it given other interactions are not known.  So I am going to try to lower my simple carb intake (good for me in general to have a reason to not eat cookies) and keep the spearmint tea up, but otherwise let this ride for now.  If I don’t conceive, I will probably have to get more serious about managing PCOS, but for now, I can see how it goes.  Hopefully I do not end up bald, that would be hard on my vanity.

I would learn to rock hats though.


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