one and the same

Time has yielded some clarity!

I did not ovulate over the weekend. This is good, as that would have been bad timing for my cycle, for the drug side-effects (birth defects, egads), and not-awesome timing for conception.  

The letrozole may have been a culprit for both the nausea (which didn’t return) AND my freak-out over hair loss.  Hair loss is a side-effect of letrozole, it turns out.  I keep forgetting it’s a cancer drug.  The hair loss does seem to have abated, though I’m also drinking spearmint tea and trying to eat consciously, making lowGI choices when possible.  So that’s not a useful experiment, I’ve changed too many variables.

The only remaining concern is whether my impromptu creek swim or the letrozole-withdrawal is causing my gastric … umm … excess regularity?  Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think I’ve lost five pounds in the last three days, all of it colon contents.  If I turn into a geyser, I’ll start blaming E. coli or other microbial culprits. For now, I’m keeping an eye on it and hoping it’s just hormonal swings.

For your Wednesday amusement, here is me in the creek.  I am wearing a white sunhat with a broad brim, and I am holding a small blue backpack aloft in one hand.  This was taken by my supervisor, who, unlike Pea, was not preparing to rescue me once I started having to swim.



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