letrozole tww #1

So here I am, having successfully ovulated!  Which is nice.  I do have several regrets from this cycle regarding timing, but I no longer think we are totally out.  I found an IVF clinic discussing IUI sperm and how they are much less robust than their compatriots, such that you almost need the egg to already be available when they arrive.  Otherwise they overswim* or die.  There are also many “pregnant with IUI day of temp rise” stories online, though the prevalence is pretty hard to calculate.

It seems like a very narrow window: if the egg is viable for 12-24 hours, and the sperm after washing, etc. are viable for ~12 hours… this is an odd way to ‘increase the odds’ for conception.  Especially given the requirement for 2-7 days of abstention in advance, overlapping perfectly with your most fertile days for normal, slow-to-get-there-but-hardy sperm.

Regrets include not jumping Pea on Wednesday when I went from “nothing, nada, dry” to “holy crap I’m a geyser of egg white” in a matter of hours.  It would have put us just under 2 days abstention (Wed. night to Friday am IUI), but male factor isn’t our problem.  I would have liked to have had at least one ‘natural’ shot at this, not least because I worry we missed my rapidly-expelled egg.  I just ovulated SO fast after such a slow build, compared to clomid where I had darkening OPKs and slowly increasing fertility of fluids to give me some days of warning.  This time I saw egg white for the first time around 5 pm on Wednesday (pale pale pale OPKs), got a positive OPK on Thursday, and had a temp shift Friday.  Madness.

Next month I am traveling for 17 days.  Pea is with me once that timing gets important, and my doctor is fine with me taking the letrozole and dispensing with the midcycle monitoring (and possibly IUI: if my LP is short this time, AND I respond earlier to letrozole, we’ll still be on the road).  I am fine with skipping the IUI.  I will certainly do better with getting some insurance in ahead of time if we are back in time for it.

Also, when they injected the 0.5 mL of sperm into me, I could feel it because, as my doctor said, ‘your uterus has to expand to accommodate the volume’.  I have a friend who is 7 months pregnant right now, and let me tell you, that is a lot more than 0.5 mL of volume.  The uterus is a weird little organ.

* into my body cavity, I can only assume.  Ew.

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