madness inducing

I am 7 dpo today, and I am testing out my trigger.  Took cheapo tests two days ago (5 dpo) and today.  Second morning urine both times, slightly shorter hold today, and slightly more liquid in the interim.

Squintiest squinty test on Tuesday.  Clear and obvious, darker line today.

It’s too early for this to be anything except trigger, scientifically, biologically, etc.  I know this.  I KNOW this. I do, I promise.

But man, it makes you a little crazy, I’m not going to lie.

Also, how often can I really say/think things along the line of “I’ll do X, Y, and/or Z so that it will be clear what is going on” only to have X, Y, or Z make things murkier?  Every time?  For every situation relating to fertility?  Ok, perfect, that’s what I thought.


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