This morning, 14 dpo, my temperature was higher than it has ever been in my year and a half of charting.  I peed on a cheapo stick, as per my clinic’s instructions, saw a clean white expanse, and went back to bed.  Made the foolish foolish mistake of double-checking the test a half hour later to see a teeny squinty little line.  Pea could see it, but was unwilling to call it a positive (as was I).

I bought a pack of FRERs on the way to work, and tried again after a four hour hold.  Stark negative, which, thank goodness, is unambiguous.  

Now I have to decide if I stop the progesterone tonight, or if I use it for two more nights to ensure timing of next cycle has us back in SF and not in various relative’s houses and airbnb shared houses at a critical point.  I think I will, though it might lead to quite a doozy of a period as penance.  Thoughts?  I’ve been on it for 13 days now already.


4 thoughts on “resetting

  1. Turia

    Why are you not getting a beta drawn? I have friends who didn’t test positive with any sort of pee stick until two or three days after their period was due (and these were sticky pregnancies with healthy babies at the end). Does your clinic not do betas as standard protocol?

    I would take the progesterone for longer. Why wreck timing if you don’t have to.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      No, my clinic doesn’t do betas for letrozole/IUI cycles. I’m not sure if they do for injectables? Maybe? That’s why I was testing out the trigger, because it’s on me to decide whether I am pregnant or not.
      I’m going to take another two days of progesterone, and test once more before stopping, just in case. It’d be 16 dpo, so something if there should show.

      1. Turia

        But what if you are one of these freaky women who doesn’t get positive pee-sticks and needs blood draws?

        I always hated, HATED the beta calls, but it was good to have firm evidence one way or the other.

      2. labmonkeyftw Post author

        but I got a blood-injected trigger, and then saw positive pee sticks. So I know I can convert blood hCG to urine hCG. And there aren’t any weird people who’s implanting embryo doesn’t put hCG into their blood.
        Doesn’t matter: cd1 today. 🙂

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