Well, I am 15 dpo, but still taking progesterone for another day or so to make this coming cycle’s timing better.  Watch, this will somehow screw up the timing, because that is how my body rolls.

I will test again before I stop, since it’s not unreasonable to not get a positive til a bit past 14 dpo (very unlikely, but possible). 

In the meantime, here is my trigger progression picture for your squinting pleasure.  Note the difference between 5dpo and 7dpo (crazy making!) and the barely-there 14dpo wondfo test.  (unless I am just suffering from line-eye).


3 thoughts on “progress(ion)

    1. Turia

      Also, I am sorry. BFNs suck. Even when you are half expecting them, and especially when you start to deal with so much intervention.

      1. labmonkeyftw Post author

        BFNs are ok. Squinters are hard because they engender hope even within the “don’t be stupid about this” mentality. Erg.. oh well, next time we shall see (and next time no trigger. Tell you all about it when I’m not at this conference!)

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