in brief

I’m in Big City on the Lake in Canuckia, and I’m loving time with friends and family.  I’m also sporting a raging head cold, courtesy of Giant Conference of People Examining Small Things which took place in City of Beans last week (the irony of catching a microbial infection from microbiologists is not lost on me).  The cold is making me miserable, to the point where I would allow it to knock me back into bed, but these are the only three days I have to see all the people I love and miss.  Hopefully I do not get them all sick as a token of my affection.

I started round 2 of letrozole last night.  I am also taking a preventative inhaler to combat allergies while here, and some over-the-counter cold meds…. so I spent a bit of time last night researching possible drug interactions.  I couldn’t find any, but I halved the cold med dose just to be on the safe(er) side.

Today is work, lunch with friends I miss, dinner with both sisters, brother in law, and nephew, and then packing up for the next leg, where Pea meets me.  Off to three more cities, lots of parents, and a wedding.  I’m desperately hoping I am healthy by the wedding, or I’ll be “a little bit sad”* about this trip, as I’ve been so looking forward to it, and I really do feel awful.


* as my adorable nephew puts it


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