damn the old adage.

You know it.  If you’ve ever admitted to struggling to conceive to anyone who is not ALSO in the trenches, you’ve had it said to you.

“Just relax, go on vacation, and you’ll get pregnant!”

Which is bollocks, right?

I’m just back from vacation.  It is cd 14.  I am, temperature spike tomorrow pending to confirm, ovulating.  I had a positive opk yesterday, and sincere and severe cramps today.  On both sides, which makes me hopeful I might have more than one egg on the go (I know there is no way to tell from cramps).  All other signs point to ovulation today.

The earliest I have EVER ovulated since coming off the pill was cd 20 last cycle, starring letrozole. All others have been cd 21-24, putting this a full week early.  Thank goodness I was suspicious and took my opks seriously despite being in a B&B and busy with a wedding all weekend, such that Pea and I have at least given it a go.

I may not get pregnant as a direct result of this vacation, but I do seem to have managed to ovulate the closest to ‘normal’ thus far.  I guess no work, no stress, and lots of sleep thanks to the head cold were useful?  That or not dunking my drugs in a creek makes them work more efficiently.  Hard to say.

In other news, I’m still sporting a chest cough that, yesterday, became worrisome (if not better by Thursday, off to my doc., as something is seriously amiss in my lungs right now).  I’m an asthmatic, and my lungs have a habit of grabbing germs and holding on for dear life, but this is a new level.  Hopefully City O’Lobster did not give me typhoid as a parting gift (this would be unlikely, but par for the course for my lungs).


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