plane plague part II

Pea woke up yesterday with a sore throat and the general achy-malaise of an impending cold.  I am torn: I do not want him to have what I had, because it was a nasty little virus.  However, I also do not want him to have a new plane plague, because my immune system is battered, and I don’t really want to catch something new on top of my receding cough.  He, in his infinitely more self-aware way, is working from home today to avoid contaminating others and to rest up.  Day two of my cold I went for a run, went to a giant busy conference, went out to dinner with one group of friends, and out for a drink with another friend.  It is a small wonder I was as sick, and for as long.  Sigh.

I did actually ovulate!  Two sky-high temps confirm, a cd 14 ovulation.  Will wonders never cease?  I’ll start progesterone supplements tomorrow, after the third confirmation temperature.  Then I will do my absolute best to ignore all temperatures and other ‘symptoms’ as the supplements really do mask everything (including onset of menses).  We had ok timing: day prior to, and day of.  One of these months I will manage the elusive 2-days-prior, which statistically has the best results.

I’m going back to my spearmint tea and attempted absence of refined sugars regime, after completely ignoring both during the past two and a half weeks.  If nothing else, because I am not feeling very healthy or fit, and cutting desserts might at least counterbalance my seriously crappy lung capacity and inability to exercise.

This post is a bit whiny, which is an accurate reflection of how I feel.

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