I woke up this morning and Pea was spooning me.  Normally we’ve ended up on opposite sides of the bed, both facing out by the time the alarms go off, so this was odd.  Once we’d snooze-buttoned a few times, I rolled over and explained how great it was to wake up being snuggled.  He replied that he often secretly snuggles me in the night, but carefully so he doesn’t wake me up.  Bless.

Then Pea got up and donned a suit to go to work.  The first time he has ever worn a full suit to work, and it was because two of the women on his team at Golden job decided they should have a formal dress day.  So he suited up and went to catch a bus full of Hilly City tech folk wearing jeans and t-shirts, carrying a backpack and looking like a little kid dressed up for picture day at school.

He was so adorable this morning I’m not even sure what to do with myself.  🙂

Lab book update: 4 dpo, temp is climbing even higher, but I also started the progesterone last night, so it’s hard to say from here on in whether temps mean anything at all.


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