I’d give that foot a rose

Conversations with Pea:

Pea walks in as I am watching the Bachelorette online.

Pea: Who’s winning?

Me: No one… well, that guy.  He just got a rose.  closes laptop

Pea: You can keep watching, I’m just taking a break.

Me: Or you can act it out for me!

Pea: raises both feet in the air

  Left foot: “Why hello!”  

  Right foot: “Hello!  Do you like me?”

  Left foot: “I do!  You seem great!  We have a lot in common! Like our legs!”


No hesitation.  What a nut.

In my defense, I only watch one crappy reality show at any given time, and I kinda like the Bachelorette they’ve picked this time.  I don’t like that it appears she quit her job as a prosecutor to come on the show, or that not one of the men has mentioned that she is smart/intelligent/interesting/well-spoken yet, after two episodes.  That said, each of the ‘suitors’ has had approximately 14 minutes with her so far, so perhaps that will come in time?  And, as Pea also said, “they do seem to be acknowledging and appreciating the qualities she is actively highlighting” – namely, an incredible rack and 300 watt smile.  If she had an in-depth conversation with any of them, they might begin to wax lyrical about her brain.  Probably the editors would cut that bit out though. 

I’m home sick with a different cold (I hope?), having nearly recovered from my original one, and having caught Pea’s new variety.  I’m not very sick.  Yesterday I felt like hell though, tired and dizzy and weird, with a solid cough, so I’m taking today to write more of this paper and just pound tea and juice.  Possibly also nap.

Lab book: 7 dpo today, and my temp took a massive dive yesterday to recover today.. though it was all with software adjustments for waking up a bit later on the weekend (raw numbers are a massive spike on Saturday, low-ish but normal yesterday, adjusted gives me normal for Saturday, and dip for yesterday).  Also I’m taking progesterone, so I cannot really rely on or examine my temps too closely.  … I say, having obviously spent some time adjusting and obsessing.  Gah.  One more week til I test, hopefully this cold will go away and this paper will wrap up in that time!


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