Adding lines: one plus zero is one.

Woke up early and suddenly did. not. want. to. know. the results of this morning’s planned pregnancy test.  So I captured a sample in an eppendorf tube, and went back to bed.  Surprisingly, this worked, and I blissed out with a few extra hours of shut eye.

Glad I waited, you don’t need to see stark white expanses on cheapo tests at 6:30 on a Sunday morning.

I’m 13 dpo, so I think that’s it for me this cycle.  I’d gotten into a weird place of being 100% sure I was pregnant for about 50% of the time, and 100% sure I was not for the other 50%.  No vacillating, just deep gut “I believe” on both sides.  I’m sad, because this was my earliest ovulation ever, and it was so nice to not be at the clinic, and still, this mat leave timeline hounds me.  We still have one more shot within the deadline, as I need to have produced a baby before May 1st of next year to qualify.  So we shall see.

I’ll test again at 15 dpo before stopping progesterone with a FRER, but I’m pretty sure I’m out.  It is what it is, says Pea, and I agree.


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