bacheloretting it

Both my boss and my fiance are out of town this week.  It is sunny and warm out, and the world cup is on.  I am bound and determined to submit a paper to coauthors by end of day today, so I’m focused.  For now.  Hmmm.

Pea flew away this morning to spend a week at a remote office in the Big Apple*.  Which is to say, remote in only one sense of the word.  I’m excited for him, as he gets to be point person for his team, and he’s pretty sure the folk there will be excited about what his folk are proposing to do.  Plus, the Big Apple is a darn fine place to spend an early summer week.  He had to pack shorts!  Unheard of here in Hilly Quirky City.

It means, though, that I am on my own for this week.  Which is probably bad.

I am an outwardly put-together person.  Sure, I have ‘science hair’, as my friend A. puts it, and sure my wardrobe very strongly overlaps with the clothing I owned in undergrad, but I come across as a well-adjusted, motivated person who is in control of her life and achieving her goals.  At least, this is what people tell me.  However!  When left to my own devices, I am a mess.  I am late to work (I make my own hours, but still).  I eat crazy dinners (popcorn.  two bites out of everything in the fridge (repeated if still hungry).  nothing until 11pm and then half a container of peanut butter with a spoon).  I talk to myself.  I watch terrible terrible television instead of working out.

When Pea is on his own, he makes elaborate meals, washes the balcony, vacuums, and gets to random errands that have been on his to do list for ages.  He operates better in my absence, though he does become deeply antisocial without me to drag him to things.  Plus he always says it is nicer with me around, so there’s that.

I think a quiet week will be good, as we’ve been busy traveling and I’m still coughing (though only a very little now).  However, I know from experience, two quiet days is great.  A quiet week is crazy-making for me, so I will see about getting some things in place to do.

lab book update: BFN again today.  FRER tomorrow and then on to the next cycle.  Hilariously, the July 4th out-of-town plans Pea and I have are likely to get in the way of an IUI.  Again.  Sigh.  At least I can monitor this time around, but sheeeeesh.


* I tried to come up with a new nickname for it, I did.  But all I could come up with was Big Fruit and Musical City, which I didn’t like much.

2 thoughts on “bacheloretting it

  1. Haisla

    I loved this post – it’s like a parallel of our relationship universe. AND POPCORN IS THE BEST DINNER MATERIAL EVER!! : ) M. is very much like Pea in many respects – yesterday he cleaned up the cutlery drawer(!!!) and over the weekend (when I was out) he re-organised our storage cupboards. He baffles me. And in complete contrast I could get a PhD in moping around when he’s not here.. Hope you’ll find some nice things to do in Pea’s absence. And I really, really hope that today’s FRER will bring you a positive.xx

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks Haisla – sadly a clear BFN this morning, so on to the next cycle I go.
      I LOVE popcorn for dinner! Pea doesn’t really like popcorn at all, so we rarely eat it, which makes it doubly wonderful when eaten irresponsibly! Pea also baffles me! I would never randomly decide to organize/clean something in his absence – too funny that your M. is the same!


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