let’s do this

Reasons why I like my current fertility doctor:

1) Her first words to me today were “don’t be disappointed!  We will get you pregnant!”  Which is nice, and human, and unlike the one crabby older male doctor in the clinic.  It was also unexpected (by the time I get back to the clinic, I am always over my disappointment and just back into clinical mode, so she caught me off guard).

2) “As long as you have your source of sperm with you, it’s ok” – on our trip over the long weekend coinciding with my likely ovulation (and thus IUI) window.

3) “It will make things more interesting!” – when I wryly mentioned I’d asked Pea how he felt about tents.  Namely, sex in them.

She’s nice and clearly very up-to-date on the hows and whats of infertility treatment.  She came in expecting me to have taken letrozole last month on my own, so I didn’t get in trouble (the clinic coordinator had told me to go unmedicated, and come in on day one.  I could not budge her from this despite numerous “but there will be no day 1 without drugs” arguments… so I took it anyway).  

My ovaries look good.  They each now have 20 burgeoning follicles (started with 10, I think).  I can’t tell if that means my ovaries are working a bit better now, and at least trying to get something going (the follicles also seem bigger in general), or if my PCOS is getting worse.  My doctor seemed pleased, so I’m going with that.

Also!  We finally got reimbursed for the genetics counsellor call.  In the end, we paid $7.20.  Instead of $350.  Which is crazy, and I am very pleased.  I’m using it as credit at the clinic for now, making this cycle feel ‘free’.  I forgot to mention here: while I was at the conference, Pea got various calls telling him the lab had destroyed his sample in an unfortunate accident.  So he went back in before he left, and gave more blood, and that is why we still do not know his CF status.  That should be soon, actually.  Hmm, fingers crossed he remains our fertility superstar.

I am to start taking letrozole tonight (cd2).  Perhaps this will bump ovulation forward enough to let us do the IUI.  Perhaps it will not.  One of the only things I am taking on for this cycle is I am going to try very very hard to not preschedule things in my head, or preplan.  My body inevitably does not fall in line with my plan, and I’m pretty sure I’ve caused some of our not-ideal-timing cycles just by assuming various things and then ignoring the physical evidence.  It’s hard though, especially after a year and a half of “I think I am ovulating” only to realize I was not ovulating, then or ever.  Now I know I should.  Now I know the timing can shift dramatically.  Now I know an OPK is a good indicator for me (thank goodness), but to get the elusive 2-days-prior, I’m going to have to pay attention and be open to the unexpected.  I’m really really bad at that, but I’m going to try!

And so.  Onwards.  Letrozole cycle 3 ahoy!

2 thoughts on “let’s do this

  1. Haisla

    Yay for a free(ish) cycle!! And how funny that the fertility doctor referred to Pea as the ‘source of sperm’ – that cracked me up. : ) So glad your follies are looking good (I would go with the doctor on that) and am crossing my fingers and toes that you’ll get to do an IUI this cycle.xx

  2. labmonkeyftw Post author

    Thanks Haisla! I’m trying to channel an “it is what it is” attitude, but I’d LOVE to ovulate before we go on the trip, and sneak an IUI in for good measure.
    Good luck good luck with your cycle this month!


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