My very-international lab is completely derailed by the World Cup right now, which is great.  I organized a tournament pool, and all but three people responded, which is a crazy participation rate for my anti-social workmates.  The prizes are ultimate bragging rights, glory, and cookies baked by me.  Apparently my cookies are a good incentive, as several of our post-docs’ children filled out brackets of their own, accompanied by cookie flavor requests.  I worried for a split second that my boss would feel this was a waste of time and that promising baked goods was awfully 1950s-wife of me, but then decided I really wanted to be excited about soccer, I figured others would be, and I like baking even more than I like jumping on the bandwagon of organized sports right at the zenith of their competitions.  Organizing a bracket and having a valid reason to bake cookies and give them all away are both things that made me really happy.  On top of which, our lab needs some serious spirit, and I don’t mind being an instigator in that regard.

Lab book update: cd5, day 4 of letrozole, and I’m just going to list two different lists of symptoms here for posterity.

Letrozole/femara side-effects on lab_monkey:  (1) sore ovaries for duration of drug course (feel swollen and tender).  (2) Hair loss (by the handful, but apparently not noticeable yet. Also some regrows during progesterone supplement weeks). (3) Headache. New this month, but definitely drug related, it peaks at 2pm each day and is a weird tight pincer pain that is not eased by tylenol or water or more sleep.  Of the three, headache is the only one listed in the pharmacy hand-out of side effects.  I do not have fatigue or nausea, which are more common than headaches.  I DID have nausea when I took the letrozole in the late afternoon, without food, but now I take it at night on an empty stomach and am fine.

Progesterone/tww symptoms (all from negative cycles, obviously): (1) bloating, (2) constipation, (3) diarrhea, (4) sore breasts/nipples, (5) completely pain-free breasts/nipples, (6) nausea, (7) sharp cramps near uterus, (8) dull twinges near uterus, (9) sore ovaries (ala letrozole pain), (10) sleepiness, (11) insomnia, (12) heightened sense of smell (might just be crazy), (13) hair growth (hurray!)

The only tww symptom I’ve seen that seems to accurately predict things is the appearance of yellowy ewcm at about cd 8-10, which heralds the eventual arrival of my period.  It used to herald the imminent arrival of my period, but now the progesterone suppositories hold it off until I stop taking them.  However, I have never had a +ve cycle, so maybe it turns up then too.  Hard to be scientifically objective in the absence of a positive control.

So what I’m saying is, letrozole is not treating me too badly, and progesterone is a mind f**k. Not news to the infertile community, I am aware.

This post brought to you by Mexico’s advance from and near-win of group A, and my dully aching ovarian area.  Also the letter D and the number 5.


2 thoughts on “gooooooooooooooal!!

  1. Haisla

    Oh, I love your scientific accuracy in recording side effect and symptoms; I wish I was half as scientifically minded! And I really, really hope that you’ll get a positive control soon!! ; )

  2. thecommonostrich

    Your description of TWW symptoms is PEFECT. Basically, it’s a carnival freak show for your body. I’ve had to stop analyzing my symptoms because there is no point– there isn’t any consistency, with the exception of my period at the very end.

    And good for you for organizing the World Cup bracket. I’ve really loved being caught up in it- it’s serving as a very nice distraction.


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