in brief

1) my head hurts.  I got Pea to stop at the pharmacy on the way home and get me Excedrin (which forums say will combat letrozole headaches best).  He noticed it has a lot of caffeine in it, spoke to the pharmacist, and also got me aspirin and acetaminophen to take in combo, which makes a caffeine-free excedrin.  It helped where ibuprofen had left me in a vice-grip of pain, so that was good.  I need to go take another dose, but wanted to be sure to mention how amazingly thoughtful Pea was about this.  I’ve been off caffeine for a few months now, and I don’t metabolize it well, so a drug with a cup of coffee’s worth in it was probably going to make me loopier than the headache has.

2) I mention Pea and him being wonderful because I need to talk to him.  I need to talk to him about how I hate sex, and how I think he could tell this week that I hate sex, and that I need him to know I don’t hate him.  We get all randy, and nekkid, and by the second smooch my brain is doing this: “today is cd 7 which means this isn’t productive per se, but it might be good as a ‘clearing out the tubes’ kind of thing because we don’t have sex that often, and this is good timing for us to have sex again on Sunday which is our normal sexy morning time, except if we go for Saturday that might be kinda early, Sunday is better, I should find a way to avoid morning Saturday snuggles so we can have sex on Sunday morning, oh I see, we’re at boob-touching now, LABMONKEY FOCUS ON THE MATTER AT HAND”.  Which I then try to do, but frankly, my mood is ruined.  So I need to talk to Pea.  About hating sex.  It’s going to make him sad though, and probably worried, and I don’t want that.

3) I worry (2) is tied up in some deeply buried body hatred I’ve conceived, but I don’t really feel that way, so I’m also worried I’m worried about body hatred for no reason, which seems like rather a large waste of time.


One thought on “in brief

  1. Haisla

    Oh, baby-sex so wrecks the romance!! I think having a chat might be a good idea, though, just in case he can sense that you are being a little ‘off’ and will think that it’s something else.. Bite the bullet. It’s tough and so, so unfair, this infertility business!!!


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