oh well done!

I get seriously worked up about going to the clinic.  It’s a lovely space.  My doctor is funny and charming and delightful.  I did get some negative pavlovian conditioning early on when every appointment was a new failure (immunization, CF gene, cyst), but since then it’s been going swimmingly.

I still get worked up.

I am always ALWAYS convinced my body will fail me.  I’ll turn up and my ovaries will not have done their homework, and I’ll be stuck in limbo or canceling a cycle or something.  Always the negative/anxious mindset.

I get an A+ today, I think!  Ultrasound on cd12 shows three, count ’em, THREE maturing follicles.  One at 23 mm, one at 19 mm, and one at 18 mm.  I’m amazed.  Lining is gorgeously trilaminar and 9.5 mm thick.  Everything is a go, AND it’s on time to do an IUI before we leave for the long weekend.  I am AMAZED.

Plan is as follows, heavily influenced by opks (I think my Dr. would have been happiest with a Thursday am IUI, or at least the option of it, but our flight is at 6:30 am, so we’re seeing how this goes.).

Plan A: if opk is +ve this evening, do the trigger, and then IUI is Tuesday afternoon.

Plan B: if opk is +ve tomorrow morning, do the trigger, and the IUI is Wednesday morning

Plan C: if opk is -ve tomorrow morning, trigger anyway and the IUI will be Wednesday afternoon. 

So we shall see!  Plus I’m under orders to knock boots with Pea tonight, which is great. If she’d told me to abstain, I’d have gone for it anyway (insurance!), so it is nice to have the go ahead.

As for now, I kinda need to pee, but also kinda need to hold it for another while for the opk sample to be a good one…. so that’s uncomfortable.  Otherwise, I’m pleased and filled with celebratory cheesecake.  Huzzah!

ART folk: does this timeline coupled to follicle size seem reasonable?  Should I wait to trigger and just go with timed intercourse on Wed/Thurs?  I feel good about this, but maybe I am crazy?


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