option C!

So, negative opks yesterday night and this morning, which means an afternoon IUI.  Except my clinic is pretty busy tomorrow, so my appointment is at 12:30, 29 hours post-trigger (which I gave to myself this morning, and which was not a big deal at all!).  Ideal timing is 36 hours after trigger, so I’m a bit worried we’re rushing the trigger and the IUI because I have travel plans.  However, my dominant follicle was already plenty big yesterday, and last time we did the IUI 24 hours post-trigger with a +ve opk, and I’d already ovulated in that time. So we shall see.  OPKs historically do not give me a lot of warning, so it’s entirely possible mine would have been +ve this afternoon or tomorrow… and the trigger will just speed things up a bit?  

The clinic DID have later appointments, but the lab closes at 2, so they couldn’t push the IUI that late or Pea’s sample would just sit there.  This seems not ideal, but whatever.

Last night was hilarious.  Let’s just say pressure and the fact that we’d had sex two days prior made for a …. challenging … attempt.  We did in fact manage it in the end, but it was a struggle.  Eating a giant pasta meal, and also waiting til eleven pm to get down to business were not particularly good life choices either.

Up next: recommendations are to have sex the day of the IUI and the day after.  This is not at all going to happen for us, so I am trying to figure out which (if any) will be feasible.  Maybe the novelty of being in a tent on Thursday night will do it, but I will have to see how Pea is feeling.  Not an every day kind of guy, my Pea, and that is just fine most of the time.

Mostly this is a brain dump because I’m distracted.  Also, Happy Canada Day!!


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