53,000,000 + 3 = a chance!

Alrighty. This morning Pea wandered off to the clinic while I submitted the paper I’ve been pushing. Then I wandered off to the clinic while he wandered home and bought us sandwiches from the amazing lunch spot around the corner. I wandered home and ate my delicious sandwich. Oh, in between, he provided a sample, the lab washed it, and then the other lovely Dr. at the clinic injected it into me.
All in a day’s work.
Pea’s sample was perfect, if still somewhat low volume (always 1.5-2mL for him, but frickin loaded with sperm (126 mil/mL, left us with 53 mil healthy lil gametes post-wash). My temperature took a bump up this morning, and based on the insane cramps I had last night, I may well have ovulated the same day as the trigger, and the day before the IUI, again. I had three follicles though, so that might not have been all of them (I am not sure how that goes: are they all simultaneous?). Either way, we had insurance sex the day before, so this IUI timing isn’t make or break.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go spend the next four days camping in a glorious wilderness of lush green redwoods and wide ocean vistas. I’m leaving my laptop and my thermometer behind, all the shackles of this current life. I’m bringing hiking boots and Pea: it could not be more perfect.


4 thoughts on “53,000,000 + 3 = a chance!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks Jessica! It was a really nice break, from work and life and everything! We had a lot of fun.
      I popped over to your blog: I’m so very sorry this weekend is such a hard one for you, I cannot imagine. I’m glad you carved out some fun with Ryan and bouncy castles!


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