ummm…. good to know?

Received: one email from future father-in-law (of the last-to-be-told parental set about our struggles to conceive, so, new to this).

To preface: he is the king of one-line, non-sequitur emails. I nearly always have to email back some sort of clarification question, to which he usually does not reply. We have a strong relationship. I like him a lot, he likes me a lot, we share an academic bent (all of Pea’s parents are PhD’s (all 4, we have 8 parents in total)). He’s blunt and a bit tactless at the best of times, but I usually enjoy his perspective.

Email Subject: Ride of the Valkyries

Email text:

So do you intend to get into Wagner?
We saw Q. (friend of J.) last weekend and talked about children. His daughter has two very healthy girls through the external fertilization process.
– FIL-to-be

I’m interpreting this as well meaning. Awkward as hell, but well meaning. He was the one who had said “well if IVF has the best statistics, you should just go do that”, so I think this is also a mini pressure bid (‘grandkids! I am ready!’), as well as just a “hey, we were talking, and sometimes things work out, and don’t despair”. Also maybe he’s about to mail me 100 lbs of books and videos on Wagner (which I DO enjoy, but which I am not yet ready to commit my life to, as he and his wife have somewhat done (they follow the Ring Cycle around the globe, for instance)).

lab book update – I hesitate to even write anything. I’m 9 dpo. I’m on progesterone. I had a trigger shot. There’s NOTHING that could remotely be considered a useful ‘symptom’ at this point. I will say this: from 6-7dpo onwards, my uterus has ached in a novel way. Also (TMI warning), usually around now, or a bit earlier, my secretions start to smell different: lightly metallic, and just stronger in general. No sign of that shift yet. So, as always, who knows? I test on Wednesday. I may make Pea hide the tests from me until then, as I’ve learned BFNs at 12 dpo make me really really grumpy for the remaining 5 days of my LP (til 14 dpo when the test ‘counts’ and then the 3 days it takes for the progesterone to leave my system). Might as well limit that nonsense.


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