one more ticket for the rollercoaster, please

Well, a negative for me this morning. 14 dpo, and a good test, so we’re done here, I think. I’m pretty bummed, I felt our chances were solid this month.

I was a bit of a wreck yesterday: emotional and weepy, dizzy, crampy, and filled to the brim with anxiousness about this morning’s test. I should have just tested last night, but I got stubborn about it. Possibly all of those effects were good old fashioned PMS, but I think a lot of it was that I’d gotten myself worked up into a bit of a state.

Pea and I talked over breakfast about next steps. We think we’ll sneak another round of femara/IUI in this month, while opening channels of conversation with the other clinic, to set the stage to move to IVF. I figure there will be numerous hoops to jump through with them, so it might be good to get it started.

So here’s the new timeline:
I get my period, hopefully earlier than usual (3 days post-progesterone pill), or on time
Femara/IUI hopefully on time, again, as I have a wedding to get to that I was planning on leaving for on what will most likely be my cd 14. However, much as I do love this friend, I will skip a whirlwind trip to Ontario to make this cycle pan out without travel stress.
Success? If not, take mid-August/mid-September off, to go on vacation and just take a break. Start at the new clinic… September/October? It’ll depend on their timing, and the drug regimen, I suppose.

This last round of femara could work. The stats are pretty bad after 3 rounds, but maybe we’ll sneak through. I’m not quite ready to take a break, or to commit fully to IVF.


2 thoughts on “one more ticket for the rollercoaster, please

  1. Jessica

    I am 100% in the same place as you. I’m taking meds for my 4th round of IUI knowing that, after the third one, the odds are greatly diminished. But, like you, just not ready to jump into IVF yet.

    Part of me is thinking that, since my insurance pays for 6 IUI’s (and this will only be the 2nd one they’ve paid for) why not exhaust a few more while I prepare myself to be ready for IVF?

    Not sure about that either, though. I’m not getting any younger!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I see stories from people with successful fourth rounds of femara, so I know it’s not a waste of time for us! I also see very bad statistics, so I’m not really sure what to think.
      My doc will only do three IUIs with femara before moving to injectables or IVF (and with my PCOS, she’d rather not do injectables for fear of overstimulation). If I had six on offer, I’d probably do more, but it is hard to know what is the right way forward.
      Best of luck this cycle! I dearly hope it works out in the best possible way for us both.


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