Monday update

So! It is, as expected, a totally benign cyst. Estradiol at 17 [units withheld] and progesterone at 0.8 [units withheld]. Assuming standard units, Estradiol is kinda low (and my norm has been 36-40 the other two times I’ve tested it on day 3, so that’s weird), but my progesterone is normal. Doc says to start up the letrozole tonight, and that bumps me back to my original schedule (which may well allow for the wedding, but only just. So it’ll be a wait-and-see moment*).

Here for fun, are onesies I made for other pregnant friends. I like drawing with fabric markers, and I love it when I can make them something really personal. I have some really fun ideas for these next sets, including some Miyazaki characters for one couple who are really into his animations. Some of these are blatant rip-offs of existing logos and designs. I did not sell, nor will I sell these. So I think it’s ok.

2013-06-08 19.51.16

2013-06-08 21.47.04

2013-06-08 20.21.06

* I have fully disclosed this to my friend, and offered that she invite someone in my place and if I made it, I would skip dinner. She’s able to adjust numbers up to the end and is cool with me just trying to make this work. She’s great. I’m a jerk. We all do what we have to.

2 thoughts on “Monday update

  1. Turia

    I am just catching up on everything here. I love the onesies! And you are not a jerk- you are doing what you need to do to give yourself the best chance to avoid moving to IVF.

    Reading back, I am sorry that the emotional fuckwittage of infertility has got you. It really is very hard, and I wish with all of my heart that you weren’t having to deal with it. I am sure it is not helping to have it coincide with your being on the job market- that makes for a lot of uncertainty in itself, and adding to that the “will I be pregnant? Will we have children? When will it happen?” issues just adds a whole new level of crazy-making. To say nothing of the crazies caused by the drugs.

    Hang in there. Take it one cycle at a time. I have learned over time that it is impossible to really know what you think about a particular decision until you are actually faced with said decision. So for now just focus on this cycle, as much as you can.


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