must be Monday

My blog reader always explodes on Mondays. I love it, because Mondays need more excuses to wander off from work for a moment or two.

So a Monday post from me, but I don’t have much time, this is to lay the groundwork for a longer post about how I am actually fine, and wasn’t expecting to be, and feel more like myself about baby-making than I have in months. I do not know why this sudden shift in sensibility, but I am pleased.

In only one sense am I displeased. I have a cyst again (a whopper this time, 29×28 mm), on my left ovary. Almost certainly a corpus luteum cyst from my gorgeous follicle on that ovary last month. I swear I can FEEL the cyst. I could before I knew it was there, a weird crampy weight/bubble on my left side. I would like it to reabsorb quietly and with a minimum of fuss like the last one did.

I went for progesterone and estradiol blood draws this morning, and will know by end of day if it is generating enough hormone to interfere with a letrozole cycle. There are pros and cons to us getting this cycle going on time, so I’m honestly content to just see what the blood work says, and see what happens next.

The lab tech used a butterfly needle on me after asking “do you always use this arm?!”. Implying I get stuck a lot, which hasn’t been true lately. Instead, I credit my unruly veins to a decade of childhood eczema, which has left me with near-invisible but vein-obscuring scar tissue in the crooks of both elbows (and both knees, but no one has cared about that yet). He got the vein first try, which is rare, and appreciated.

More soon, once I know what we’re doing, and, from that, whether I can go to a friend’s wedding in two weeks, and once I’ve figured out why I am so very relaxed about babies right now. Happy Monday, y’all!


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