50% and 0% means 0%

Finally, something goes exactly how I wanted! After two attempts at testing Pea for the CF mutation(s), and five months elapsed time, we have an answer.

He is not a CF carrier. Which means my wonky gene? Not an issue, not now, not ever.

I am much more relieved than I thought I would be, given I didn’t think I was all that worried in the first place.

lab book update: day four of letrozole (meaning I’ve taken three doses as I take them at night). Barest hint of a headache today. It was a slow build last time up to a near-unbearable headache the day after my last dose, so I’ll start packing meds with me tomorrow. Other letrozole cycles it never went past this mild buzzy ache, so maybe it will hold steady! I got good news from my clinic, anything could happen!


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